Outfit of the Day

Here is my first post about “fashion.” I don’t really follow fashion & I don’t really know anything about fashion, but I loooove shopping. I can safely say that I’ve never been ahead of any trends. In fact, I’m known to strongly voice my negative opinions on new fads (mostly towards my friends wearing them, I’m talking to you Melissa). Then approx 6 months later I have a sudden change of heart and have to call my friends (again, talking to you Melissa) and eat some crow. This has happened on the following occasions:

skinny jeans. I was so against skinny jeans but once I came around, I was hooked and haven’t purchased anything but skinnies since 2009.

leather leggings. Sooo against leather leggings no matter what Lauren Conrad said. Then one day, a pair from the Kardashian Collection sold me. I’ve since upgraded these… And purchased a few more additional pairs.

fur vests. Again, soo against. I never actually purchased one (yet), but I’m always down to borrow one for anyone willing to let me borrow theirs after I made fun of it previously.

“turban” headbands. Thought they were silly and way too hippie. Now hippie is basically my second language and I wear headbands (yes even low, across my forehead) all the time.

high-waisted shorts. No thank you, not for me. Until I fell in love with crop tops and now I need to own as many pairs as I can.

I’m sure there are more, and that only took be about 5 mins and zero thought to come up with. If you know of anything I made fun of you for wearing and then came to you with my tail between my legs reneging on my word, please let me know. Also, I’m sorry 🙂

BACK to my outfit of the day. One trend I was always down for was maxi skirts and recently maxi skirts with crop tops. Love them to death. My husband hates them (sorry, not sorry) and I could wear them all the time. Here was one I wore today!

Skirt: American Eagle (outlet)
Top: Charlotte Russe (clearance last year)
Necklace: Francescas (full price, this year)

maxi skirt & crop top

lovin on maxi skirts




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