Hair Emergency

I need a change. I made it all the way to my 24th year of life before dyeing my hair…. less that one time in high school I used a semi-permanent red hair dye out of box. Doesn’t count. Now into my 25th year of life (I don’t know why I’m talking like this) I’ve dyed  my hair 5 times and I love it. I wish I was more adventurous with my hair but I’m always scared if I cut it, it won’t grow back or if I dye it too much, it will become a gross texture. The struggle is real.

Here is a fun little timeline of my hair:

1. boring, brown hair

circa 2005. I was 15.. and had a fat face.

circa 2005. I was 15.. and had a fat face

2. The first dye job was a pretty severe ombré. I LOVED it. Mark, not so much.


We were at CMA fest, don’t judge the country overload

3. I wanted something more classic for our everlasting wedding pictures than ombré hair. I’m picturing my future preteen seeing pictures of ombré hair and asking “Mom, why did you let your roots grow out so bad before fixing them. Especially for your wedding.” Not interested in dealing with my future mini-mes antics. Went for a deeper brunette.

my wedding dress in the backseat!

my wedding dress in the backseat!

Now the dark brown has faded back to regular brown and I’m over it. I scoured Pinterest and came up with the following:

Pinterest is the greatest

Pinterest is the greatest

Should I try one of these styles? Or just let it go and let the sun lighten it however it wants.



6 thoughts on “Hair Emergency

  1. What can you maintain on your rv honeymoon? Highlights? Short hair? Shorter hair? Sun-kissed hair? For on the road, wouldn’t natural color and longish hair be easiest? And, didn’t you have short hair when you donated it and say “never again?”

    • Everything you just said is 100% true, but I’m bored with my hair! I did say “never again” to short hair, but it looks so cute in that pic! Its just such a poop brown color now. I suppose I could just stay off Pinterest and let it be natural.

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