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The Moscow Mule

As the blog name might foreshadow, I like cocktails. I don’t necessarily know how to make a good one, but I know a good one when I drink it. I’m not sure how I missed out Moscow Mules my entire life (a whopping 25 years), but I did. I’m here to save you from a lifetime of sadness if you haven’t had one yet. No matter how they are served, Moscow Mules are tasty BUT they taste just a little bit better in the copper mugs. My favorite are the ones with the little dents in them! Get some here. Moscow Mule: 1/2 oz. simple syrup 2 oz. vodka 1/2 lime – juiced 4 oz. ginger beer (the alcoholic kind, please) I’ve had several variations of the Moscow Mule, cucumber, strawberry orange.. they are all good, but I like a straight up Moscow Mule the best. At least for today. xoxo, Rachel

Who is Cocktails & Confetti?

This is also my “about” page, but for those of you who have stumbled upon this site and are wondering what the heck it is supposed to be! Look no further!


Hi Everyone! I’m Rachel Jenney, formerly Rachel Bosyj but as of May 10, 2014 I’m a married woman! My hubby and I are doing something a little more unique for our honeymoon. We bought an RV and are going to travel the US over a few months. I’ve always wanted to blog and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to start. I started blogging on rvhoneymoon.com (check it out if you want, I’m pretty proud of it thus far) about 2 months ago just about the prep work for the trip and about our upcoming wedding. I have enjoyed blogging so I decided to start another one. This one much more broad and universal. And so, cocktailsandconfetti.com was born!

I’m a 25 year old Pinterest Fanatic who enjoys cocktails, being a little over dramatic, reality TV, making messes and crafts. I’m a lover of Pure Barre, the beach, my Kindle and my family and friends. I love social media: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogging, Twitter (in that order, sorry Twitter, I just can’t get into you no matter how many times I try) I also tend to think I’m sarcastic and funny in just the right way (that is to be determined however). I feel just as at home when I am alone or when I am in a huge crowd. I love spending 2 hours+ getting ready and dressing up and I love rolling out of bed and running errands in sweats and no makeup.

This isn’t a fashion blog or a recipe sharing blog. It isn’t a travel blog or a current events blog. It isn’t about working and/or exercising. I am most certainly not an expert in anything nor will I try to get you to love everything I write about. But I will share my thoughts and opinions on anything and everything. You will see a little of everything I mentioned above and a wide variety of other things as well.

I’m not über passionate about any one specific topic but I am passionate about LIFE. I hope that you find something on cocktailsandconfetti.com that falls in like with a passion of yours or that this helps you find your passion!

As always, comments, suggestions or critiques are always welcomed and appreciated!