The Moscow Mule

As the blog name might foreshadow, I like cocktails. I don’t necessarily know how to make a good one, but I know a good one when I drink it. I’m not sure how I missed out Moscow Mules my entire life (a whopping 25 years), but I did. I’m here to save you from a lifetime of sadness if you haven’t had one yet. No matter how they are served, Moscow Mules are tasty BUT they taste just a little bit better in the copper mugs. My favorite are the ones with the little dents in them! Get some here. Moscow Mule: 1/2 oz. simple syrup 2 oz. vodka 1/2 lime – juiced 4 oz. ginger beer (the alcoholic kind, please) I’ve had several variations of the Moscow Mule, cucumber, strawberry orange.. they are all good, but I like a straight up Moscow Mule the best. At least for today. xoxo, Rachel


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