Dream Kitchen Must Haves

I spent all my college days eating ramen noodles and hot dogs cooked in the microwave because I had zero interest in cooking.. rather learning to cook. I shopped strictly the chip/candy/processed food aisles in the grocery stores. But around 23, I started to dabble in cooking and realized that I loved it. Now I am no chef and I follow recipes very strictly so I’m not sure it is really cooking as opposed to just following directions really well. Either way, I now spend a lot of time in the kitchen and am always seeing thats I just simply don’t know how I live without them. Here are just a few:


I never have the right place for my onions, tomatoes or potatoes. This is perfect!


I absolutely hate clutter, and I consider appliances clutter. I want them hidden and this is the cutest and most perfect way to hide them! 


Self explanatory on why this one is needed. No more scraps falling onto the ground because the trash can is right there!


Kitchens are like bathrooms.. there are never enough outlets. AND these outlets are hidden. Perfect.


This isn’t such a “must have” … wait, yes it is!


Do you have any of these in your kitchen? Have any other dream kitchen must haves? I’d love to know!



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